At RB Electric and Sons, we specialize in all manner of lighting installation and wiring – both indoor and outdoor lighting! One of the best ways to improve the overall aesthetic appearance, as well as the functionality of your home or property is through the use of proper lighting. Lighting is essential to interior design work, and can truly unlock the true potential of any living space within your home!

We offer the very best in interior lighting installation services – fully customized to meet your every want and need! Our team of electricians is experienced and knowledgeable in the installation of all different types of interior lighting options, both big and small. We specialize in custom lighting options including:

Recessed Lighting: Stylish lighting designs that are perfect for smaller openings in the ceiling, and brightening up your basement, hallway, game room and wherever else you can think of!

Media Lighting: One of the worst things is having constant glare on your television of home entertainment area. We offering a number of different lighting installation options designed to perfectly light your media room, and won’t get in the way your Friday night screenings!

Plants, Art, & Decor Lighting: One of the best interior design touches in modern homes is lighting to bring out an exotic plant, gorgeous piece of art, or just to brighten your overall decor. Whether its LED lighting strips for your shelves and kitchen cabinets, or something to highlight your family portrait, we can brighten up and highlight any specific area you desire, with tasteful focal lighting!

Hanging Lights & Chandeliers: Whether you’ve got a large ballroom, or family dining room, hanging lighting is one of the best accents you can add! Our team is able to add some of the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing chandeliers and hanging lights around.

LED lighting had become far more popular than ever before in recent years, and one of the main reasons for this is its combination of good looks, and ability to go easy on your wallet. LED lights are able to perfectly mimic the look of natural white light, while also lasting longer, and saving you money in the process.

Whether you need lamps, scones and living room lighting or specialized lighting and wiring to add lighting to a dark spot in your basement, the team at RB Electric can do it all. For more information on lighting installation services be sure to contact us today.

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