Rewiring of Fixtures

Across Long Island and NYC, there are a number of older properties with what many would deem to be older and somewhat unsafe fixtures and electrical wiring systems. At RB Electric and Sons, we specialize in all types of rewiring for fixtures and electrical systems, no matter how old they might be.

Professional Rewiring
The fact is that all too often, homeowners attempt to rewire fixtures and electrical systems on their own, and end up coming to the conclusion that the job was a lot harder, and far more involved than they previously thought. This is why it’s vital to hire a team of professionals to tackle the job the right way and ensure that your electrical system and fixtures are 100% safe and up to modern standards – standing up to the needs of a modern home and family.

First and foremost, when it comes to rewiring fixtures there’s quite a bit you need to know and be aware of – and with years of experience, the RB Electric team has the knowledge needed to ensure we properly rewire your fixtures without damaging anything and ensuring that each and every fixture is up to the appropriate safety standards, and works as efficiently as possible – helping to save you tons in the future electric bill. The fact is that to properly rewire your older or antique fixtures it takes a number of different tools that the vast majority of DIYers simply don’t have on hand. And there is quite a bit you need to know such as how to properly mark wires, restrain wires, add an electric box, minding the retaining screws and nuts, ensure not to break or damage a connection, and probably most important of all, ensuring that your work meets the standard of modern electrical code.

Get Your Fixtures Up to Code
Within any home renovations project, one of the most important jobs of any experienced electrician is ensuring that all fixtures and the wiring of the electrical system is 100% up to code. The fact is that many of the homes across Long Island still have older style wiring, that simply doesn’t stand up to such code, and is in desperate need of revamping. At RB Electric and Sons, we will ensure that each and every one of your fixtures is completely up to the standards of your area’s code, and we will guarantee that your new electrical system will stand up to the demands of a modern home and your family’s electrical needs.

For more information on electrical work and rewiring, be sure to contact RB Electric and Sons today.

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