4 Important Facts Your Electrician Wants You to Know!

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When it comes to home improvement work and overall residential & commercial services, electricians are some of the most important people to have on call. The fact is that electricity is one of the most vital aspects of everyday modern life, and over the past century, Americans, especially those in the big cities like New York City, simply couldn’t dream of living without it – even if it was just for a couple of hours. Its the reason so many of us can’t seem to sleep and just go stir crazy during a blackout. Whether its to charge your cell phone, or turn on your juicer to make your favorite health drink, we rely on electricity for nearly every moment of the day! According to the team at RB Electric and Son, one of the best electricians Suffolk County has to offer, much of their work is often considered to be emergency electrical work, regardless if it is emergency electrical work or not! We simply can’t live without a quality electrician and its 2021, so we shouldn’t have to! And one of the major reasons for this is that while we have such a reliance on electricity, most of us have no clue about it. Even the most technically inclined people, who might be able to code computer programs and use all different types of gadgets, truly might not even know the basics of how an electrical line is set up. The fact is that according to the best electricians Suffolk County has to offer, RB Electric and Son, this is why their work is so important for both residential & commercial services. However, according to them, despite the fact that they are considered by many to be the best electricians near me, the fact is that there are a few things they do feel are important for their clients to understand and be aware of. And while some of it is just basic for maintenance and upkeep, other facts are important because they help with safety and can actually save your life in the right instance. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important facts to know, straight from one of the best electricians Suffolk County has to offer, RB Electric and Son.

Be Aware of Certain Warning Signs

Just like anything else in life, emergencies and wear and tear often don’t just happen out of nowhere, there are a number of warning signs that usually come first. And electricity and overall electrical damage issues aren’t any different – usually! Whether its a strange noise that might be coming from your electrical system, constant tripping of your circuit breakers, a random spark flying out of an outlet, a light switch being extremely hot – there are tons of different things you should take note of and are usually signs that a bigger electrical problem is about to happen. The fact is that the sooner these warning signs are addressed, the less likely you are to have emergency outages or blackouts. Plus, addressing something before it becomes a problem is usually ten-times cheaper than addressing the problem itself.

What is a GFCI Circuit?

We commonly see these in peoples bathrooms, garages, basements and outdoor outlets. But a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is a type of outlet that generally exists and must be placed when it is within 6 feet of some type of a water source. These cut off power if a circuit loses amperage. This is vital because it can keep you and your loved ones safe and free from getting electrocuted. So it’s important to insist on their installation and not try to skirt around having to get them in important areas close to a water source.

Don’t Try to Do it ALL Yourself!

According to the team at RB Electric and Son, considered to be one of the best electricians Suffolk County has to offer for residential & commercial services, they certainly encourage homeowners to try to install smaller electrical projects themselves, if they know how. Like a light-switch, an outlet, or something small like that is fine – but you must certainly know your limits! All too often, they are called to clean up a huge mess that a person has made because they tried to DIY their way through an entire electrical system, when they simply don’t know how. Even if its a simple outlet, or switch – if you aren’t confident and don’t know how, simply don’t, let the professionals handle it. It’s not only going to usually cost you more in repairs, and maintenance, but it is also very unsafe and you can hurt yourself.

Be Smarter with Products and What You Keep Plugged In!

The fact is that the world is moving towards being much more eco friendly, and this is a great thing. According to the team at RB Electric and Son, the best electricians near me, this means that consumers need to be more aware of how their electricity is being used and how certain devices can be consuming tons of power, even while not in use. So its important to try and purchase more energy efficient products, as it will not only save you money, but it will also help save the planet. You should know that things like your phone chargers, are usually drawing in power, even when they aren’t hooked up to your phone, and certain devices that sit idle, in some kind of a standby mode? Those are sucking up tons of unneeded power – even when they aren’t completely being used. Look for labels and do some research about proper eco-friendly habits.

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