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While interior lighting is important, as it allows you to light and improve the overall aesthetic of your living space – for many of us across Suffolk County, outdoor lighting is equally important. The fact is that whether you’ve got a huge backyard, with an inground pool and deck, or a smaller lot, with some nice grass and a couple of lawn chairs, having the right lighting can make all the difference! Turning your empty grassy lot into a lovely place to grill up some burgers and spend a night having a few drinks with family and friends!

Outdoor Lighting Installation
At RB & Son Electric, our team of electricians is highly skilled, trained, and fully licensed to handle any outdoor lighting project no matter how big or small. From things like pool lighting, landscaping lighting, security lighting, and much more – we offer the very best outdoor lighting on Long Island today!

Landscaping Lighting
One of the best ways to show off your new garden, amazing bushes, or gorgeous pavers, is through landscaping lighting. The right focal lighting can drastically improve the overall look and feel of your backyard, and turn your outdoor space into the aesthetic garden of your dreams! In addition to just improving the overall aesthetic, outdoor lighting can help ensure that your guests and family don’t slip or fall and always have a well-lit path to walk on.

One of the best uses for outdoor lighting is to light the front face of your home. Not only does this help for safety, but it also is one of the most effective aesthetic enhancement measures you can take to drastically improve the overall look of your home – enhancing your overall curb appeal and increasing your property value!

Security Lighting
One of the biggest deterrents to burglars and home invaders is having a well-lit front and backyard, with strategically placed lighting and a home security system. RB & Son Electric can help you with both! With the proper security lighting, not only will it give you and your family the peace of mind you need, but this type of lighting system will alert you of suspicious activity and will make it more likely for trespassers to flee.

Pool & Deck Lighting
Light your pool, and deck, creating the beautiful, ambient entertaining space you’ve always wanted. Invite guests, family, and friends, and ensure that they not only see where they’re going and who they are talking to but create a nice, homey, romantic vibe, that all your guests are sure to love with outdoor lighting services from RB & Son Electric!

Plus, swim at night, with the perfect ambient, 100% water-proof pool lighting you’ve always wanted!

For more information on outdoor lighting, services are sure to contact RB & Son Electric today.



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