Smoke Detectors

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When it comes to electrical work, one of the most important devices in your home has got to be your smoke detectors and alarms. These are a vital aspect to any new home and something that you need to ensure are installed properly and are always in working condition,

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
While smoke detectors are certainly important, in many respects carbon monoxide detectors are just as important as different gas and smoke poisoning issues are some of the leading fatal accidents that can happen to children and adults in a home. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is nearly impossible to detect. While you might be able to smell it, this can often be too late and the gas may have already caused its damage. With the help of a CO detector you can protect your children and loved ones from the issues that might result from the presence of unwanted gasses and smoke.

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Our team can help to install new smoke and gas detectors, and ensure that they are properly placed so as to maximize the safety and overall wellness of your family and loved ones. In addition, we can also replace older or damaged detectors, as well as to perform regular maintenance on existing detectors to ensure that they are working to their peak performance.

For more information on proper smoke detector installation and more be sure to contact RB & Son Electric today.



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