Charging Station Installs

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Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, and homeowners can charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently from the comfort of home. The benefits of a home charging station are huge as the battery on your electric vehicle has particular maintenance requirements, and if you fail to charge your vehicle’s battery properly, you could experience challenges with your battery. The best way to ensure the health and lifespan of your battery is to charge it according to manufacturer specifications and the easiest way to accomplish that is to have access to your own charging station that is set up specifically for your vehicle.

Lower costs are also a great benefit of installing a vehicle charger at home. Many public-access charging stations have a cost per hour when you plugin. If you have a charger at home, you can skip the fees and just pay your electric bill, which shouldn’t raise more than a few pennies, and there are studies that say charging your vehicle at home costs less than running an air conditioner.

Convenience also plays a huge role when it comes to a home electric vehicle charger. Simply plug in at night right in your garage or driveway and the vehicle will be ready for you in the morning, not to mention never having to worry about finding a public access station, and the downtime it takes waiting in a parking lot somewhere for your vehicle to charge. Avoid all that with a call to RB & Son Electric, who will advise you on your needs and professionally install your own home charging station to allow you to get the maximum out of your electric vehicle and eliminate the inconveniences.

Additionally, as electric vehicles become increasingly more popular and common; many homeowners will want to purchase property with a dedicated electric vehicle charger. If you are planning to put your home on the market at any point in the future, a home vehicle charging station can be a great added selling point, adding to your home’s value.
For more information on home electric vehicle charging stations, be sure to contact RB & Son Electric today.



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