Home Automation Services

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up, or renovating an older property – in today’s modern world, home automation is one of the hottest topics around. And at RB Electric and Sons, we offer some of the best home automation services available across Long Island and NYC.

What is Home Automation and Smart Home Services?
Home automation is a hot topic of late, especially with heavy hitters like Google and Apple getting into the smart-home space. Home automation refers to creating a smart-home system, by which you, as the homeowner, can run your home simply through an app on your phone! Smart-home users are able to do things like turn lights on and off, manage a security system, check cameras, run appliances, use home entertainment equipment, and even lock and unlock their front door – all through a few swipes of their phone!

Wiring and Installation
When it first came into prominence, home automation services were often quite cumbersome and required a lot of inner wiring and specialized equipment, however, in this day and age, as technology has vastly improved, home automation has become a lot simpler. And while anyone can set up basic items on their own, using their own iPhone or Android, to truly experience all the power that home automation has to offer its important to hire a team of experts.

While there is certainly less wiring that must be done these days, for more specialized technology and home automation tasks such as running larger appliances, setting up security cameras, and being able to lock and unlock your doors – there is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done. This is where the experts at RB Electric and Sons come in!

Our team of experienced electricians has wired a number of homes for seamless, full-spectrum automation, turning your home into the futuristic living space you’ve always wanted, where all your needs are only a tap away!

Data Wiring
One of the most vital pieces to any full home automation puzzle has got to be the data wiring, the fact is that all of these appliances and household connections work through wireless internet services. And it is vital that your home be running the most seamless and efficient internet and data around. This includes things like telephone systems, video distribution panels, HVAC controllers for temperature control in every room, security panels and cameras, a central control center, home theater automation and entertainment, and a whole lot more!

From entertainment automation, and temperature control in every room, to wireless security cameras, one-touch lighting, smart door locks and much more – home automation is the way of the future, and something we are all going to want in our homes soon enough! So don’t waste another minute in the past, contact RB Electric and Sons now and learn more about our home automation services.

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