Home Electrical Work

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Are you building a new home or property from scratch? Maybe you’re adding a workspace to your garage or shed, that has vastly higher electrical needs? No matter what your new electrical needs might be the team at RB Electric and Son specialized in a wide variety of electrical system installs, and can help you ensure that your new space meets each and every one of your electrical needs.

Full Home Electricity
Your new home is going to need an awful lot of wiring and the creation of a full electrical system. For that you need a team, like RB Electric and Son, that’s tried and trusted, with a flawless track record of providing clients with unmatched work. Our team has years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable in the wiring of homes. We can design and install, a full electrical system that will provide you with the best overall form, function, and overall usability during your use of your new home.

From the placement of lighting fixtures inside and outside, outlets for kitchens, bathroom, living and bedrooms, to circuit breakers, main electrical lines, basements, and everything else in between – our experienced team of electricians will completely map out your electrical installation project and provide you with the very best and most effective electrical system work across Suffolk County.

Save Money Every Month
We not only ensure that our electrical work will work precisely to your every need, and match up to all the demands of the modern home and family, but we will also provide you with an electrical system that is efficient and as eco-friendly as possible. Using a number of innovative techniques, and the latest fixtures, lighting methods, and specialized electrical lines, we can help you to run your electricity the most effective way possible – helping you to cut down on your electrical bill and save you tons of money month after month!

Electrical Work That’s Up to Code
All too often, electricians are willing to take shortcuts and skimp on materials and labor just to get the job done. And this can lead to terrible issues from unsafe electrical outlets, to code violations and heavy fines for homeowners. At RB Electric and Son, we stand by our work and make sure that each and every outlet, or fixture we place in your home will be 100% up to code, and ensure that your home is free from unwanted safety hazards, fines, and violations.

Garages, Sheds, Basements and More
Have a specialty need for outdoor electricity? Need to wire up your garage to turn it into your dream workshop or home office? RB Electric and Son have got you covered, we can help you to run new electrical lines to any shed, garage or basement, or any space you might have in mind, and ensure that these new lines function just as well, if not better than those that are in most homes across the country – meeting your every electrical need and doing it in a way that’s both safe and efficient!

For more information on electrical work, be sure to contact RB Electric and Son today.



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